When and Where? 


Saturday, Sept 23, 2017 

                       8 a.m. to 2 p.m.



Lion's Club Pavilion 

At the ball park on Dodge Line East

(No hazardous waste! – Free drop off at Salford)

Please Note:

Scrap Metal and Electronic drop-offs both at Embro Community Centre and at Thamesford Arena

Don't dump your Junk! 



 ReuseApalooZaha events have becoming more popular as they are a fun way to reduce, reuse or recycle. Re-use and recycling is a terrific way to get people motivated, to have a fun time and meet other people in their community.


Why not give

 your old stuff 

a second chance! 

 Drop off your castoffs and take home whatever you like at our one-day free store.

"Drop off stops at 2pm but you can shop till 4."

Bring your:

  • books
  • furniture 
  • clothing 
  • kitchenware 
  • small appliances
  • hardware
  • tools
  • toys
  • garden equipment
  • building material
  • electronic waste
  • scrap metal
  • vehicle batteries

"Bring home someone elses treasure" Free!

Donations are greatly accepted!